Krups GPA30842 Immersion Blender Review

Krups GPA30842 Immersion BlenderThere are many hand held blenders on the market today, but the most durable, reliable and best looking, by far, is the Krups GPA30842 Immersion Blender. This blender can tackle small jobs, such as chopping onions for a sandwich to difficult jobs such as crushing ice for smoothies and drinks. With the rising popularity of smoothies and tropical mixed drinks no kitchen should be without one. For those who are tired of making lumpy gravy in a frying pan, the Krups blender is a life saver.

The Krups hand blender is made by a German based company founded by Robert Krups in 1846. The company has a very long history of manufacturing precision equipment and expanded into the kitchen appliance market about 1951. With the knowledge and expertise of one hundred and sixty years, Krups knew the needs of today’s market and had durability and ease of use in mind when designing the GPA3. Upon opening the package the user will find the stainless steel unit with a soft rubber easy grip handle. One touch operation makes for easy one handed use. The stainless steel blending shaft is removable for easy cleanup.

Krups hand blender: Additional Features

Included is a 25 oz. beaker with graduated measurements in ounces and milliliters. Also included is an easy to use whisk for mixing soups, drinks, whipped cream, gravies, sauces and egg whites. Youngsters like the fact that the whisk attachment makes great milkshakes and can handle healthful additives like berries and melons as well as sprinkles or chocolate chips. The mini chopper attachment works well for chopping fruit, vegetables, ice, nuts, herbs, onions and garlic. While most handheld immersion blenders bend and balk at large jobs, this powerful unit takes it all in stride.

Try a delicious milkshake made with peanut butter cups chopped up with the mini chopper attachment and blended together with milk and ice cream with the whisk attachment. Thick or thin, the results are sure to please. Bakers love the quick and easy way to make smooth custards, puddings and icings and the ease of chopping nuts and fruits to add to recipes. The whisk attachment blends soups, gravies and sauces to perfection.

The Krups GPA3 has six variable speeds that can be adjusted with one touch while the unit is in use and has a handy LCD screen on the end of the handle so the current speed is always displayed. The operation is smooth and consistent and with a weight of only 3.2 pounds, the user doesn’t tire as easily as with more bulky units.

Many people who are looking to buy a new appliance rely on online reviews to research the best product for their money before they actually make a purchase. Krups blender reviews are consistently positive. Many older users appreciate the comfortable handle and soft grip; others enjoy the versatility offered by the different attachments. Those that entertain find the GPA3 invaluable for tropical drinks and smoothies. Club owners and bartenders enjoy the durability that allows for frequent, trouble free use year after year.
The European design is sleek and smart. The neutral black and stainless steel design blends well into any kitchen design and the included wall mount makes it easy to install to an area where the blender can be easily accessed. With a slim profile of only 2.2 by 15.8 inches, the blender can easily fit into a kitchen drawer.

Krups Immersion Blender Review

Many reviews can be found at online retailers such as According to a Krups immersion blender review, the following points are the most popular features with most users.

  • Six speeds – versatility for the many different foods or beverages that can be made
  • Attachments – sturdy and easy to clean
  • Comfortable handle and ease of use
  • Easy wall mount
  • Easy clean up

The stainless steel shaft removes easily with just a snap and can be put into the dishwasher along with the attachments. The blender itself can be wiped down with a damp cloth or sponge and is easily stored in either the included wall mount or a kitchen drawer.

There are many brands of handheld blenders available today in many different shapes and designs. Many claim to have extensive durability and ease of use, but according to reviews and rankings the Krups GPA30842 Blender will be around for years of reliability and trouble free use.

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