Triturating Juicers: Features, Models and Advantages

Triturating juicers or twin gear juicers are the costliest of all juicers but they offer innumerable benefits. When compared to juicers with single gears, these juicers operate at even slower speeds. This results in less destruction of nutrients resulting from heat generation. Today, these models are the most efficient of all juicer types and are preferred by customers owing to their ease of use and versatility. The stainless steel gears present in these devices compress power, which in turn leads to the better extraction of juice from vegetables, fruits, herbs, greens and more.

Triturating Juicers

This type of extractor functions by pressing the food between two interlocking roller gears. This process results in the extraction of a larger quantity of juice, enzymes, vitamins, fiber and minerals. A more nutrient rich juice can be derived through the rupturing of the hard plant cell through the high compression process of the double gears.

Twin gear juicers not only help in juice extraction but also in homogenizing fruit sorbets, baby foods and flour for cakes and pastries.

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Triturating juice extractors: Quality Juicers

Triturating juice extractors function in much the same way as a standard masticating juicer; however, they come with two gears. The twin gear juicers work in a slow and efficient manner and help in extracting even the last drop of juice from various fruits and vegetables. They are superior to their counterparts in that they result in less oxidation and greater yield.

Hence, if you wish to enjoy the best advantages of juicing, you need not look beyond these models. These extractors are ideal for deriving the extract from leafy vegetables as well as herbs such as wheat grass. Since these machines can be quite expensive, you should be clear about your needs for wanting a juicer and your budget when deciding which type of machine you should buy. Triturating juice reviews are some of the best guides when it comes to selecting the best juicer.3

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Triturating juice extractors for sale/Reviews

Triturating juicers, as mentioned earlier, can be used to make baby foods and they can also be used to make the finest nut butters and many other preparations.

You can shop for this juicing model during a triturating juicers sale to enjoy great savings. The price of these juicers may vary depending on the model and features that come with the gadget. Some of the best that you may come across in a sale include:

  • Super Angel 5500 Triturating Juicer
  • Green Star GS-1000┬áTriturating Juicer
  • Samson Ultra Electric┬áTriturating Juicer

According to triturating juice reviews, the previously mentioned models are a cut above the rest since they help in extracting all the minerals and vitamins from the vegetables and fruits. This is not all, the innovative product design and functioning of these juicers help in retaining the freshness of juices for a long span of time. You can enjoy the best juice when you make use of one of these juicer models. These juicers can help preserve the vital nutrients that are often lost due to the heat buildup in other lower quality juicers.

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Impurities from fruits and vegetables are also automatically removed when they pass through these juicers. You can enjoy many positive health benefits such as glowing skin and better energy levels when you consume the juices prepared from these juicers. To find out more about the best triturating juicers available in the market, you can browse through the triturating juice reviews online.

How does a double-geared triturating juicer work?

Triturating Juicer GearsDouble-geared models are ideal for those who are on the lookout for a high quality or versatile juicer. The best advantage that comes with the use of these juicers is that it provides high quality vegetable juice and fruit juice even with frequent or regular use. As for the workings of such machines, they operate at a much slower speed than single gear or centrifugal juicers to ensure that less air is trapped in the juice and this is how they can lower the extent of oxidation in your juice.

The shelf life of the juice can also be extended when juice is extracted in this method. Since very little heat is generated during the functioning of these juicers, all of the vital nutrients will remain intact. You can store juice extracted in this way from 48 to 72 hours in the refrigerator. Owing to its innovative design and features, these juicers are more expensive than their counterparts are; however, they also come with a host of advantages and benefits that are almost impossible to overlook.

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Merits of using a double-geared triturating juicer

Speaking of the merits of double-geared models, they are highly versatile. You can get the extract of almost all types of fruits, herbs and vegetables such as ginger, spinach, barley grass, wheat grass, apples, alfalfa sprouts and others using this device. Drier pulp and higher juice yield are the notable benefits of this device. This is not all; you can use a double-geared juicer as a cookie maker, grinder, beater or mincer.

Owing to their slow speed, they do not create a loud noise while functioning. Those who drink a lot of juice on a daily basis will want to go in for triturating juicer models that have double gears. A less expensive single gear or centrifugal model is a better option for those who do not juice regularly.

Those who are on a fruit or vegetable diet can invest in one of these new models to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. These juicers are highly recommended for their functionality, quality and value. You can do much more with fresh produce at home instead of relying on processed juices when you have one of these machines. The average price range of these juicers may range from $350 to $990 depending on the model and features available in the juicer you choose.

So wait no more. Buy a juice extractor today right from the confines of your own home. Welcome a healthy lifestyle by consuming only the freshest juices made from these user-friendly devices.

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