Kitchen Scales – Different Types and How They Differ

For people who love to cook, a kitchen scale is something that they cannot do without. In fact, it does not matter whether you are a professional cook, someone who cooks for fun or someone who is learning how to cook; a scale is an important tool. There are a number of uses that makes it such a vital gadget in any kitchen. First of all, you need the scale to measure certain ingredients that you are going to use for your cooking. For example, if you read in a recipe that you need a certain amount of ingredient, say meat, you will need a scale to measure the amount of meat that has been prescribed in the recipe.

Kitchen Scales

On the other hand, there are many types of scales. The kitchen digital scale is one of the most reliable scales in the world. The reason why many people perceive it as the best kitchen scale is because of its precision. In fact, it has the ability to measure even the smallest quantities with an accuracy of up to four decimal places. Another advantage of digital scales is that they give you the measurement as you add more weight so there is no need for you to wait for the scales to balance. More so, digital scales come in an array of many styles which range from those with a vintage to a modern look.

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Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen ScaleThe only downside to digital scales is that they are more expensive than all other types of scales. In most cases, a digital scale is also an electronic kitchen scale and this is because it cannot work without electricity. However, unlike many electronic devices, you need not worry about water interfering with the functioning of the scale. The designers of the scale know that it was meant for kitchen purposes and as such, they are waterproof.

One of the most common digital scales is the Salter scale. It is a preferred choice by many professional cooks and top chefs all over the world because it is not only long lasting but it is known for its accuracy and precision. This is probably the reason why many Salter kitchen scale reviews both on the web and magazines gives it a two thumbs up.

Another commonly used type of a scale is the balance scale. Normally, this type of scale is commonly used by students in high school and college science classes. The great thing about this scale is that it uses a mechanism that remains extremely accurate even after years of continuous usage. However, the balance scale also has its own disadvantages. The most complained about of these disadvantages is that it lacks the ability to measure small portions.

Kitchen Scales Types

You can also go for a mechanical scale instead of a balance or a digital scale. The mechanical scale has a platform on which you can place whatever it is that you want to weigh. The weight is then displayed after the weights of the ingredients that you want to measure have pushed down a spring that is connected to the meter of the scale. The main advantage of mechanical scales is that they are cost effective and are not complicated when it comes to operating them. However, you should know that the spring of the mechanical scale usually wears out after some time and this affect the accuracy of the scale to a great extent. Therefore, for it to retain the original levels of accuracy, you will have to replace the springs every now and then. More so, these mechanical balances usually lack the ability to measure very small weights accurately.

All of the scales that have been mentioned above are only intended for small scale use in the kitchens and small restaurants. More often, they are meant to weigh up to a maximum of 5 pounds. However, if you want scales for large scale use, you can also find them at the same place where you can find the smaller scales. Essentially, these scales can be used to measure weights exceeding 5 pounds. They are best suited for use in places like slaughter houses, supermarkets, wholesale stores and other such commercial places.

Kitchen Scales Metric versus Avoirdupois

Eatsmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen ScaleAnother issue worth noting is that when it comes to the metric system used in these scales, most of the scales in the United States usually use the avoirdupois system. This means that these scales usually measure the weight in pounds and ounces. However, it is also possible to find scales that measure weight in the metric system. This is useful for those recipes that have outlined their weights in grams and kilograms. You can also find scales that are flexible enough to measure both in the avoirdupois system as well as the metric system.

A scale is an instrument whose time has come and is becoming increasingly useful for people who want to achieve the great results from their cooking. Not so long ago, it was common to hear cooking instructors and people in television cook programs give instructions like ‘a cup of flour’ or ‘half a cup of diced carrots’. These instructions are too general and the weight of these contents can vary from one person depending on a number of factors. These factors include the type of cup that has been used, the strength of the person doing the measuring among other factors. In the end, it can translate to a lot of inconsistencies in as far as measuring the respective ingredients is concerned.

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Nowadays, times have changed. The instructions being given in different recipes, cookbooks and popular television programs give their required ingredients in terms of weight. The difference between getting the recipe just right and messing up the whole thing altogether could only be a few ounces. You therefore need to get this measurement just right or else you are going to mess up the whole meal that you intend to make. Therefore, the importance of a good digital kitchen scale in getting the food just right cannot be overemphasized.

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